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Man stalks and kills his former girlfriend before failing miserably in killing himself

By Mason White 12:52 PM December 3, 2014
Mmabatho Somo 

By: Feng Qian
A man is facing charges of murder for killing his former girlfriend.

The 20-year-old man of Tembisa, South Africa, was obsessed with his former girlfriend, 20-year-old Mmabatho Somo.

He stalked the woman on many occasions. One day, he stabbed her to death with a broken bottle. The man reportedly mutilated the woman’s chest with the broken bottle.

He then went home and tried to hang himself, but the rope snapped. That is when he stabbed himself several times in the chest, but he did not die.

Police found him in a pool of blood and he was taken to Tembisa Hospital. The police are waiting for him to recover to charge him with murder.

The victim’s mother, Yvonne Somo, said that the suspect has been stalking her daughter since she left him two years ago.

On that fateful day, when Mmabatho went to buy meat at a butcher shop nearby, the suspect was waiting for her. He grabbed a broken bottle from a recycling bin, and stabbed her.

The man fled, leaving Mmabatho laying on the ground covered in blood and struggling to breathe. Witnesses called an ambulance, but she died before they arrived.

Police Captain Manyadza Ralidzhivha confirmed the incident and said that the suspect suffered serious injuries as he tried to kill himself. He is under police guard at the Tembisa hospital.