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Plumber becomes a celebrity after being caught dancing on the job (video)

By Mason White 1:14 PM December 3, 2014
Mark Topen 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A plumber is enjoying his newfound fame after a video of his dancing went viral on the Internet.

Mark Topen, 52, of Scotland, has become a celebrity after one of his colleagues secretly recorded him dancing on the job.

“This is not something I do all the time, as it can be disrespectful to dance in people’s homes, but this house was empty,” Topen, who lives in Dundee, said.

“Sometimes work can be stressful, so it is good to relieve the pressure if you can,” he added.

The video of Tobin’s dancing has accumulated over 730,000 views since it was posted to YouTube last week. The plumber said that people now recognize him on the street, and that people have stopped him in public to get his autograph.

Tobin admits that it was a little embarrassing at first, “but it’s good to know that people are laughing with me and not at me,” he said.

Topen’s wife reportedly said that everyone at her job liked the video, and people found it to be entertaining.