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Mother who faked cancer to cover up her cheating ways busted by her teen daughter

By Mason White 3:40 PM December 3, 2014
Cheryl (left) and her mother Claire Smith 

By: Chan Yuan
A teenager spoke about how she exposed her mother’s web of lies after claiming she had cancer, the Mirror reported.

Cheryl Smith of the United Kingdom, had never gotten along with her mother 37-year-old mother Claire.

However, that all changed when she learned that her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Cheryl was 16 years old when her mother told her that she was diagnosed with cancer.

The teenager of Boston, Lincolnshire, decided to become the perfect daughter and help her mother through her illness.

She became a loving daughter and sister as she cared for her younger siblings, aged 11, 5, and 1, at the time.

However, doubts began creeping into the mind of Cheryl. She questioned as to why her mother had doctor appointments at the hospital in the middle of the night.

It seemed odd to her that her mother was shaving her hair everyday when chemotherapy is said to destroy the roots of the hair.

Cheryl’s detective work led her to discover a web of lies that she still struggles to understand.

The teenager learned that her mother did not have cancer. If fact, she had made the whole thing up to disguise the affair she was having with another man.

Incredibly, Claire had her family and friends believe that she had terminal cancer and was dying of the illness.

When Cheryl tried to tell her 45-year-old father Chris the truth, he refused to believe her and got angry.

Chris dropped his wife off at the hospital for treatments on many occasions, but she never allowed anyone to go inside with her.

A friend who also became suspicious of Claire, followed her as she went to her nighttime “appointment,” and saw her going into the home of a man.

The friend called Chris with the evidence. That night, the couple had a fight and Claire moved out of the family home.

She lost custody of her kids due to the emotional distress she caused them with her web of lies. Cheryl lives with her father and helps him raise her siblings.