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Mentally ill woman caught eating dead man’s brain days after being released from hospital

By Mason White 12:30 PM December 4, 2014
Crime scene illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman was arrested on charges of murder after she was allegedly caught eating the brain of a dead man, police in Zimbabwe said.

Mpandawana Growth Point Police said that residents in Gadzingo, who found 27-year-old Esther Katandawa next to the dead body of 29-year-old Simon Muzenda, called police.

According to witnesses, Katandawa killed Muzenda with an ax.

Katandawa was discharged from a psychiatric hospital on Thursday, and was prescribed medication, which she was supposed to take at home to stabilize her condition.

Four police officers managed to arrest the out of control woman. Locals tried to stop the suspect from eating the dead body, but Katandawa threatened them with the ax.

Police said that despite her history of mental illness, Katandawa will be charged with murder.