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Sleep deprived surgeon tells airport security he has explosives in his luggage

By Mason White 5:41 PM December 4, 2014
Dr. Manuel Alvarado 

By: Wayne Morin
A surgeon of Venezuela, who told airport security that he has explosives in his luggage, claimed that he suffered from sleep deprivation, according to court documents in Florida.

Now, Dr. Manuel Alvarado has agreed to pay $89,000 after his prank bomb threat sparked a massive police response.

About $84,000 will be given to five airlines, which suffered from delayed flights after Alvarado told a gate agent that he had explosives in his luggage.

The rest of the money will go to the Miami-Dade Police, which deployed the bomb squad to search his luggage. No explosives were found.

With Alvarado agreeing to pay for his mistake, prosecutors decided not to file formal charges of making a false bomb threat and damage to property.

The incident unfolded when the 60-year-old surgeon was flying to Bogota, Colombia. The ticket agent asked: “Do you have any explosives in your luggage?” He replied: “C-4.”

The agent asked if it was a gun. Alvarado explained that it was an explosive. The agent quickly called the police. Thousands of passengers were delayed as Alvarado stated that he had just made a joke.

Police arrested Alvarado, who lives and works in Venezuela. His lawyer said that Alvarado was sleep deprived that day. Alvarado said that he is ashamed and very sorry.