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Elderly preacher arrested for hiding drugs under his robe

By Mason White 10:42 AM December 4, 2014
Azad Bishr Levi with the drugs 

By: Tanya Malhotra
An preacher was arrested for hiding drugs under his robe.

The elderly old man, who was dressed as a Muslim imam, was stopped for acting strangely when passing through customs at a port in Spain.

Azad Bishr Levi, 64, was stopped by police as he got off a boat in Algeciras, which arriving from Ceuta, Morocco.

The man was arrested by officers who made a surprising discovery under his robe, a huge cache of drugs.

The 64-year-old man was posing as a preacher and claimed to be on his way to a mosque in Cadiz, to lead a prayer.

Customs officials contacted the leaders of the mosque and asked about the preacher. The leaders of the mosque said that they never heard of the suspect.

Officers found more than 4 pounds of drugs tied to his thighs, chest and stomach.

A police spokesman said that the man had initially aroused suspicion by the strange way he was walking and repeatedly touching his chest.

The officers took the religious leader aside for questioning, and all his statements were inconsistent. Customs officials have been on alert as drug trafficking between Morocco and Spain is on the rise.

The imposter will now have plenty of time to pray as he faces up to five years in prison for being a drug mule.