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Police dog bites officer’s behind while raiding man’s home for threatening woman with gun because she called him a doormat

By Mason White 4:33 PM December 7, 2014
Police dog illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A police officer suffered injuries after a police dog bit his behind during a raid, a court in Australia heard.

28-year-old Drew Francis Thompson of Canberra, is accused of arming himself with a gun, hiding in the apartment of his former lover and unlawfully confining her for three hours.

Thompson told the ACT Supreme Court, that the woman loved him until she returned from an overseas internship with the World Health Organization.

He still wanted to be with her and met her at Dickson, where she spoke badly about him. Thompson said that she called him “simple” and a “doormat.”

She also said that he was just a dating experiment.

Thompson, who became angry, took a gun and hid behind a door in the woman’s bedroom to show her what it’s like to break someone’s trust.

Three hours later, she persuaded the man to leave. The woman went to the police, who executed a search warrant at Thompson’s home.

During the raid, a police dog that accompanied them bit one officer in the behind. Thompson denied the allegations, saying that his girlfriend made up the entire story.

The woman admitted that she offered Thompson chocolates and candy while he was in the house. She also let him put his hand on her hand and leg, and was worried about being a good hostess.