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Tattoo shop gives free tattoos for women with Down syndrome

By Mason White 6:35 PM December 7, 2014
Jason Ward giving Suzie Barry a tattoo 

By: Chan Yuan
A tattoo shop in New Zealand, has published a photo on Facebook, showing an artist giving a woman who suffers from Down syndrome, a free tattoo.

44-year-old Jason Ward, a tattoo artist at Muscle And Ink Tattoo in Hamilton, said that he applies a temporary tattoo to a woman with Down syndrome every week.

Suzie Barry comes to his shop every Friday, and Ward prepares the skin to give her the real tattoo experience. Ward uses a sticker to apply the tattoo on her skin, and also uses a spray gun and plastic gloves.

Ward treats Barry like a real customer, sitting her down at the table, stenciling her skin and giving her the full tattoo experience.

Barry brings her own stick-on tattoos, and Ward does not charge her for his work. Ward, a father of five children, said that Barry has been coming to his shop every Friday for the past four months.

The photo of Barry getting a tattoo has since gone viral on the Internet.