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Miss Bumbum in serious condition after botched plastic surgery

By Mason White 3:14 PM December 7, 2014
Andressa Urach 

By: Wayne Morin
A beautiful model was hospitalized after having plastic surgery, which went very wrong.

The model became famous after she won second place in the Miss Bumbum competition in Brazil.

She is fighting for her life in the intensive care unit at a hospital in Porto Alegre, as a result of the botched cosmetic surgery.

27-year-old Andressa Urach had two types of “body fillers,” hydrogel and PMMA, injected into the upper legs to fill out the thighs and lift her bottom.

The PMMA was absorbed by her body, leaving her with a serious infection in the legs, which caused the tissue to rot. Sadly, doctors might have to amputate one or both legs if the infection continues eating at her bones.

After an advanced infection set in, Urach was hospitalized and has undergone two procedures to drain the hydrogel of each leg. Unfortunately, these procedures have not been successful, and she went into shock.

After the second surgery, the wounds became infected and Urach is currently being sedated, her mother Marisete De Favari said.

For now, Urach remains in intensive care and in serious condition.

Earlier, Urach made headlines when she claimed that she had an affair with football player Cristiano Ronaldo, which he vehemently denied.