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Man earns money by allowing people to punch him

By Mason White 6:18 PM December 8, 2014
Xia Jun selling punches 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man in China, who desperately needed money to pay for his child’s cancer treatments, decided to turn his body into a punching bag.

The 2-year-old son of Xia Jun, who lives in Sichuan, was diagnosed with leukemia.

Jun said that so far, he spent more than 700,000 yuan ($113,000) to treat his son. He had no choice but to borrow more than half of this amount from friends and relatives.

Feeling desperate, Jun stood outside a subway station in downtown Beijing, asking for 10 yuan ($1.62) from anyone who wanted to punch him.

Earlier, Jun was seen at another train station near Tiananmen Square, but he was taken away by security in less than 10 minutes.

At this rate, Jun will have to sell 250,000 punches as a doctor who is treating the child, said that another 400,000 yuan ($64,800) is still needed to complete the treatments.

So far, Jun has managed to raise about 10,000 yuan ($1,620). Luckily, all the money came from donations as nobody really felt like punching this poor father.