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Homeless people forced to wear Nazi like yellow triangles on their clothes

By Mason White 11:20 AM December 8, 2014
The yellow triangle 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A city in France, has caused outrage after it ordered its homeless people to wear yellow triangles on their clothes.

City officials wanted to force the homeless people to wear yellow triangle nametags, which people compared with Nazi era Star of David badges.

Authorities in Marseille, wanted beggars to use the badges, which has their personal information and any health problems the person might have, so they can easily be identified in case of an emergency.

The proposals provoked outrage across France, as human rights groups and even government ministers compared the yellow triangles to the yellow stars which Jews were forced to wear on their clothes during World War Two.

Council officials tried to defend their plan, saying that it was meant to help identify the homeless, who often have their important documents lost or stolen.

They also said that it was meant to help homeless in case of an emergency so that rescuers know how to treat them.

About 300 cards have been distributed to homeless people by the city. However, the board bowed to public pressure and announced it would scrap the plan.