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Sports center hires guards with no clothes to catch couples having sex in sauna

By Mason White 11:28 AM December 8, 2014
Sauna illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
The owners of a sports center, who were fed up with people using their sauna as a bedroom, decided to do something about it.

They hired undercover security guards, who will appear in the sauna as regular customers, without wearing any clothes.

The job of these security guards is to look for people engaging in sex acts in the gym’s unisex sauna.

The staff members at the Parkbad Fitness Center in Linz, Austria, had many complaints about people engaging in sex acts, causing other patrons to feel uncomfortable using the facility.

In order to make their place more safe and clean, the company hired the guards to sit in the heated rooms so they could catch culprits in the act.

The undercover agents have already proven to be effective as they spotted two couples having sex in the sauna.

The four people involved were banned from the facility.