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Woman wakes up to find stranger’s baby in her bed

By Mason White 10:58 AM December 9, 2014
The child in police custody 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman called police after she found a stranger’s baby in her bed.

The woman of Michigan, had no idea from where the child came or who were the parents of the child.

The woman told Battle Creek Police, that she was unable to get in touch with her 18-year-old son to ask if he knew from where the boy came.

Police took the baby into custody while waiting for Child Protective Services to arrive.

Police officers immediately took a liking to the one-year-old child. Officers gave the child Matchbox cars, teddy bears and Beanie Babies, in an effort to make the mystery child’s experience a little easier.

After an investigation, police learned that the woman’s son brought the baby into the home and left the child with his mother for the night.

The son, did not wake his mother to notify her of the stranger’s baby who was sleeping in her home.

Police released information on the mystery boy in order to find his mother. Moments later, the baby was identified and he is in the process of being returned to the mother.

Child Protective Services is investigating the facts of the case.