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Man calls police and asks them for the quickest way to reserve a cell in prison

By Mason White 5:33 PM December 10, 2014
Jail cell illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Police officers were shocked to receive a phone call from a would be criminal to reserve a cell in prison, police in Germany said.

Police in Bavaria said that the phone call came in on Sunday.

The caller, who refused to identify himself, dialed the emergency number and asked for the quickest way to reserve a cell in prison.

The suspect told the officer who answered the phone, that he had already been convicted of a crime, but had appealed to a higher court.

However, he changed his mind, and wanted to go straight to jail.

When he was told that officers cannot reserve a cell in prison, he threatened to go the nearest police station and cause a disturbance.

A few minutes later, the 35-year-old man appeared at the police station in Krumbach, and insisted on being arrested. The officers spoke with the man, and advised him to return home, think about it and talk to his lawyer.