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Police officer faces punishment for refusing to use Taser on suicidal man

By Mason White 11:22 AM December 10, 2014
Mahesh Sarin 

By: Taser illustration
(Scroll down for video) A police officer who refused to use “excessive force” on a suicidal man, is facing punishment and may be fired.

The police officer, who also works at the California State University Monterey Bay, was placed on leave and is under investigation for not shooting a student with a Taser.
The incident unfolded when the CSUMB officer and three Marina police officers responded to a call about a suicidal student.

The CSUMB officer who arrived at the scene, successfully defused the situation and was able to help the student calm down. He then went to get the student a cup of water.

During his absence, the three Marina police officers began physically restraining the student. At that point, the student became irritated again. The Marina officers ordered the CSUMB officer to use his Taser on the student.

However, the CSUMB officer did not see the need to use excessive force and refused to use his Taser.

Marina Police Chief Edmundo Rodriguez said the failure to act led the Marina police to file a complaint against the CSUMB officer.

The father of the student said: “It defies logic and is extremely disappointing that at a time when law enforcement is under fire for using more force than necessary, an officer is being terminated for attempting to use civilized methods to resolve a situation.”

The officer, whose name has not been released, is a 20 year law enforcement veteran. He has been with the University Police for the past eight years.