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Man dies after being paid $9 to drink 8 cans of energy drinks

By Mason White 4:53 PM December 14, 2014
Bullet energy drinks 

By: Chan Yuan
A man is dead after a friend paid him to drink eight cans of energy drinks, police in Nigeria said.

The Ebonyi State Police said that Elijah Nwankwo, has gulped down eight cans of energy drinks within minutes on Friday, after making a bet with his friend.

Chikwado Nchionu, who was a friend of the victim, agreed to pay N1,600 ($8.90) if he managed to drink eight energy drinks within several minutes.

After gulping down eight Bullet energy drinks, Nwankwo felt ill and fell into a coma. He was rushed to the Mother of Christ Hospital in Enugu, where he was pronounced dead.

Police launched an investigation into the incident, but so far, no charges have been filed against Nchionu. Energy drinks contain high amounts of caffeine and sugar and could be fatal when consumed in large quantities.