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Gynecologist caught prescribing marijuana for men

By Mason White 6:00 PM December 14, 2014

By: Feng Qian
A gynecologist lost his license to practice in Maine, after being caught prescribing marijuana for men, the Board of Licensure in Medicine said.

Keng-cheong Leong who was issuing medical marijuana certificates to male patients in Lewiston, surrendered his medical license to the Board of Licensure.

Several years ago, Dr. Leong’s practice was limited after he stated that he was “naive” when it came to patients requesting narcotics.

The Board had sufficient evidence from which it could conclude that he engaged in unprofessional conduct by prescribing narcotic pain medication without documenting appropriate medical histories, examinations and plans.

Earlier this year, the Board received information that Dr. Leong had been issuing medical marijuana certificates to male patients, had not been performing appropriate examinations, had not been creating appropriate medical records and had been seeing patients at marijuana dispensaries instead of an office.

At least 49 men received medical marijuana certificates.

Dr. Leong admitted that he engaged in unprofessional conduct, incompetent medical care and that he violated the terms of his previous agreement.

Dr. Leong can no longer practice medicine in Maine.