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Mother crashes her car on way to hospital after husband shot their 4-year-old son

By Mason White 2:28 PM December 14, 2014
Travis Blake Carlton 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A mother was injured in a car crash while rushing her son to a hospital.

The woman of South Carolina, was injured in an accident, which involved several vehicles as she rushed her 4-year-old son to the hospital.

The boy had been shot in the chest by his father during a domestic dispute, in which the father pointed a gun and attempted to shoot his wife. However, the bullet hit his son instead.

Police are investigating as to why the mother did not call emergency services from their home, but rather rushed him to the hospital by herself before crashing her car.

Witnesses said that after the accident, which took place about a mile from the family’s home, the woman started screaming that her son had been shot. People ran to help them, police said.

The child had a gunshot wound to the chest. The woman was treated for unspecified injuries, and the child remains hospitalized.

The father, 21-year-old Travis Blake Carlton, was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of possession of a firearm during a violent crime, child abuse with great bodily harm and criminal domestic violence of aggravated nature.