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Restaurant offers free food from obese men and thin women

By Mason White 3:07 PM December 15, 2014
Woman eating meal illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A restaurant in China, announced that it is running a one of a kind promotion in order to attract customers.

The Na Huo restaurant in Chongqing, is offering fat men and thin women discounts and even free food.

For men, the more they weigh the discounts increase, while females will enjoy discounted and free food the less they weigh.

If a male diner weighs over 300 pounds, the food is free, while for women if they weigh less than 75 pounds, then they are exempt from paying for the food.

“Na Huo restaurant cares about fat people and thin people. Bring your fat or thin friends, and eat for free,” the restaurant’s website states.

The restaurant staff weigh diners before eating to see if they qualify for free meals. Men do not have to worry about gaining weight and can eat as much food as they want, but women who gain weight before their next visit, will have to lose weight before getting free food again.