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Police officer pays for stolen goods after refusing to arrest grandmother for shoplifting

By Mason White 11:00 AM December 15, 2014
Officer William Stacy and Helen Johnson 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A police officer was dispatched to a store after a grandmother was caught shoplifting.

The compassion shown by officer William Stacy of Alabama, is making headlines.

The officer was called to the scene after 47-year-old Helen Johnson, stole eggs from a Dollar General. Instead of arresting her over the stolen eggs, Stacy paid her bill.

Officer Stacy said that when the grandmother was confronted over the theft, Johnson began to cry and apologized. She tried to give the officer all the money she had, which was $1.25.

Johnson, who lives in a home with her two daughters, a niece and two grandchildren, said that they do not have money to buy food and that they were hungry.

The officer was seen hugging the grandmother and allowed her to go on her way. A passerby recorded the heartwarming moment on video, and it has since gone viral.

Later that day, officer Stacy and his colleagues arrived at the home of Johnson, with two truckloads of food to keep her, her children and grandchildren well fed.

Johnson and her family members are overwhelmed with gratitude to the police officers for their kindness.