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Police car’s camera records two criminals talking about pinning theft on innocent man

By Mason White 11:05 AM December 15, 2014
Michael Rochefort and Daniel Gargiulo 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Two criminals who were arrested, attempted to get their story in order before being questioned by police.

The two men, who were locked in the same police car, were overheard discussing their crime in the back of the vehicle. They did not realize that they were being recorded.

39-year-old Daniel Gargiulo and 38-year-old Michael Rochefort of Jupiter, Florida, were arrested after they were accused of breaking into two homes. Police found a lot of stolen items such as wallets and tools in their car.

The two decided to pin the theft on a third man, who dropped them off at a gas station before the theft. The two nearly convinced officers that they were innocent.

However, when officers reviewed surveillance video from the gas station they realized that the suspects were not dropped off there.

Officers then reviewed the video in the police car and heard the two masterminding their fake story. Both were arrested and charged with burglary, criminal mischief and grand theft.