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Police officers pay for baby formula after father was caught shoplifting

By Mason White 12:00 PM December 17, 2014

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Police were called after a father was caught stealing baby formula, police in New Mexico said.

The 23-year-old man was caught shoplifting on Sunday morning, from Albertsons in Roswell.

He hid the baby formula in the baby carrier, and left the store. Police found that the man stole $80 worth of formula.

The man, who was with his 11-month-old baby, apologized for his actions and told police that he was just trying to feed his child.

The man, who is a single father, told officers that he recently lost his job and did not have the money to feed his baby.

Rather than arresting the father, officers used their own money to pay for the formula, and allowed him to go home and care for his baby.

Officer Joe Mason said that officers decided not to arrest the father. “It is not like he was shoplifting liquor. He didn’t have any criminal intent. He just wanted to feed his kid,” Mason said.

Mason said that he and his fellow officers, Anthony Armijo, Chris Bradley, and Arturo Alvarado, decided to help him and paid for the stolen goods.

The Albertsons store manager also agreed not to press charges against the father. They did however, ban him from returning to the store.

People in the community reached out to police and offered to help the father with donations of formula and diapers.