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Principal holds students hostage for 5 days

By Mason White 12:05 PM December 17, 2014

By: Feng Qian
Parents are angry after a school principal held their children hostage for five days, according to the Daily Sun.

Four students were held hostage by their school principal for five days because their parents could not pay their outstanding school fees.

The drama happened at the Martha Beyers Academy KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.

A teacher said that the principal called the fourth grade students into her office and told them that they could not go home because their parents still owed the school some money.

The parents became concerned after their children did not return from school. The parents said that their children did not answer their phone calls, and when they called to the school, they were informed that their children are being held until they pay the outstanding balances.

The parents reported the situation to the education department. However, the manager said that they could not help because it is a private school.

The parents finally went to police to report that their children were being held hostage. Police intervened, and after a five day ordeal, the children were allowed to go home.