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Man killed after tire swing slams into his face while having fun with his niece at playground

By Mason White 3:49 PM December 17, 2014
Aleim Perkins 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was killed by a tire swing while having fun with his niece at a children’s playground, police in New York said.

The New York Police Department said that the tire swing, which is comprised of a hard plastic molded over steel, slammed into the face of 39-year-old Aleim Perkins.

Perkins of New York City, was having fun with 6-year-old Leela, at Tompkins Square Park on Monday around 3:30 p.m., when the accident unfolded.

According to the police investigation, Perkins aggressively pushed the swing several times before it hit him in the face. The blow knocked him unconscious, leaving him bleeding from the mouth.

He was pronounced dead at Bellevue Hospital. Landscape Structures, the company that operates the park, said that they are investigating the incident.

“Our condolences go out to the loved ones impacted by Monday’s incident at Tompkins Square Park. At this time, Landscape Structures is working with the city to gather information regarding details of the incident,” a company spokeswoman said in a statement.