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2 kids die after 9-year-old boy took them on joyride

By Mason White 1:17 PM December 17, 2014
The children involved 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A joyride involving four children ended with a disaster.

A 9-year-old boy of Mississippi, stole his mother’s car and took his friends on a joyride.

The passengers included 13-year-old twins Breckon and Justin Harrell, and 3-year-old Braydon Traxler.

The young driver, 9-year-old Ty’Jun Thigpen, is fighting for his life after crashing the car that was full of children. Two young passengers died on impact.

3-year-old Traxler and 13-year-old Justin Harrell, died after being ejected when the car slammed into a light pole.

13-year-old Breckon Harrell was treated at a hospital for minor injuries and has since been released.

According to police, 9-year-old Thigpen, known to many as Nemo, took the car keys from his mother without her knowledge. He got behind the wheel and took the other children on the joyride.

During the joyride, Thigpen saw blue lights and tried to avoid the checkpoint set up by the Mississippi Highway Patrol. He veered to the side of the road and continued driving.

When police followed him to investigate as to why he did not stop, the young driver pulled over to the side and crashed into a light pole, causing the incident.