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Mother chains daughter to makeshift toilet in barn for 1 year causing her flesh to rot

By Mason White 1:44 PM December 17, 2014
Aneta Pokorskia in the hospital 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman lied to her family, and said that her daughter was taken away by social services.

Now, that daughter was found living in a barn in deplorable conditions.

The mother of Bochnia, Poland, who is mentally disabled, locked her daughter in her barn for a year, causing her flesh to rot.

Family members began to question the mother about the whereabouts of 25-year-old Aneta Pokorskia, who is physically disabled.

They found the daughter chained to a makeshift toilet, which was made of a chair with a hole in the center and a bucket. Part of Aneta’s behind and thighs had rotted.

Aneta suffered from malnutrition and dehydration, and had fleas and frostbites.

The family member who discovered the woman in the barn, said that Mary Pokorskia claimed that her daughter been taken away by social workers a year ago.

The family became concerned when Mary refused to give them the location of her daughter so that they can visit her.

According to police, the mother had locked her daughter in the barn after arguing with family members, who wanted to put her in a care facility.

The daughter was taken to a hospital, where she will undergo extensive rehabilitation.

Police said that the mother cannot be prosecuted because she is mentally ill.