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Gang of thieves steal wool and lamb from numerous farms

By Mason White 12:44 PM December 19, 2014
Lamb illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
Police are looking to arrest several serial thieves who are responsible for stealing wool and lamb from numerous farms, police in Zealand said.

Canterbury Police have received reports about two Akaroa farms being targeted for wool in the last three weeks, and one for lamb over the last 9 months.

About 15 bales of wool were reported stolen from a wool shed off Stony Bay Road, earlier this month. Another farm on Birdlings Flat, reported that 20 bales of wool were stolen earlier this week.

Bales of wool weigh about 170 kilos (375 pounds) so it is possible that more than one person has been involved in stealing them.

It is unknown whether the wool bales were taken in one trip or if the offenders have visited the remote woolsheds over a period of a few days.

An off road vehicle with a large trailer or flatbed truck would be required to move the wool bales. Over the last nine months, a neighboring farmer in Birdlings Flat, has been a victim of a number of stock thefts.

Only a small number of animals were slaughtered each time, but this has accumulated to 10 ewes and two lambs.

What is particularly disturbing is that a number of the ewes that were about to give birth to twins were included in those taken, resulting in 12 unborn lambs being lost.

The animals were butchered with only the heads, pelts and hocks left at the scene.

Police are concerned that the offenders may retarget these farms or target other farms in the wider Akaroa and Canterbury area.

Police encourage farmers to padlock access gates and wool sheds to protect their assets.