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Dog shoots its owner with gun causing serious injury to his arm

By Mason White 12:53 PM December 19, 2014
Dog in truck illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A man suffered serious injuries after being shot by his dog, police in Wyoming said.

Sheridan County Police said that 46-year-old Richard L. Fipps of Murphy Gulch Road, was accompanied by two of his employees when they got out of their truck to remove snow chains from the tires of the vehicle. Fipps had a dog in the vehicle that had been ordered to move from the front seat to the back.

While the dog was wandering around in the back seat of the truck, it stepped on a 300 Winchester Magnum loaded gun and caused it to discharge.

Fipps was out of the truck when the bullet shot through the cabin and into his left arm.

Fipps was transported from the scene to meet an ambulance on Highway 14, where he was taken to the Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

Due to the severity of the injury, he was transferred to Billings. Although his life was saved, Fipps’ arm can be amputated.

Police said that according to the evidence and testimony of witnesses at the scene, the incident points to an accident and not an intent to injure.