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Wild monkey shot by police after attacking children who fed it chocolates

By Mason White 12:57 PM December 19, 2014
Monkey illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A wild monkey was shot and captured by police after attacking children who fed it chocolates, police in France said.

Marseille Police said that the aggressive monkey was Tasered after weeks of being on the loose and living on a diet of chocolates.

The monkey had been involved in more than 12 attacks in the Castellane area in recent weeks, including an incident in which it broke into an elementary school and scratched some children.

The monkey always managed to flee from the scene before police arrived. However, on Monday, police finally met the monkey and captured it using a Taser.

According to the police investigation, the monkey was abandoned after being kept as a pet illegally. The animal had been eating a diet consisting of chocolates given to it by children.

Malnutrition and suspected abuse may have contributed to the aggressive behavior of the monkey, police said. Police are looking to charge the owner with illegal possession of a wild animal, police said.

The monkey was not seriously injured, and was handed over to an animal shelter. The monkey will join the exhibition of a zoo after a cooling off period.