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Woman records herself performing sex act on elderly doctor in exchange for drugs

By Mason White 10:08 AM December 19, 2014
Dr. Thomas V. Taylor 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A couple is suing a doctor who offered drugs in exchange for sex, and they have video to prove it.

The lawyer for the doctor in Texas, who is accused of trading drug prescriptions for sexual favors, said that this is a case of extortion.

Dr. Thomas V. Taylor, 71, a surgeon at the St. Joseph Medical Center, was caught on camera bribing two patients with painkillers in exchange for sex.

In a lawsuit – which seeks monetary relief of more than $100,000 – was filed by attorney Peter Schneider on behalf of two anonymous clients.

The patients, a man and a woman, used a hidden camera to record Dr. Taylor. The video, which has been uploaded on the Internet, shows the woman giving the doctor sex in an exam room.

The lawsuit claims that both patients were prescribed thousands of narcotic pills, which were medically unnecessary, in exchange for sexual favors, causing the patients to become depended on the drugs.