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Man dies after learning his son fathered 4 children with his wife

By Mason White 11:11 AM December 21, 2014

By: Chan Yuan
A woman admitted to cheating on her husband with his teenage son and giving birth to his kids.

The woman’s husband, who worked as a taxi driver in South Africa, died after discovering that four of the children he raised and supported for years, were not his.

He also discovered that his son had slept with his wife for almost 14 years and he was the father if his wife’s 4 children.

His 29-year-old son said that he started sleeping with his stepmother when he was just 15 years old. “Now I realize that I was abused. I never intended to betray my father like that,” he said.

The son said that his stepmother forced herself onto him and threatened not feed him if he did not sleep with her.

“I started drinking alcohol and left school because I was stressed over it,” he added.

The infidelity was finally revealed when the woman’s daughter saw the two having sex, and later overheard her mother telling her “brother,” who is actually her father, that he was the father of the 4 kids.

The daughter said that her mother sent her to buy some stuff, and when she returned the door was locked. “I called her, but she did not answer. I looked in the window and saw my mother sleeping with my brother,” she said.

On another occasion, she heard her mother tell her brother that they had four children together. The girl decided to tell her father what she heard.

A week later, her father died. “Tears roll down my face when I think how I had to break my father’s heart by telling him the truth,” the daughter said.

The stepmother reportedly confirmed that she had four children with her stepson. “It was a mistake. It should not have happened and I apologized,” she said.