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Lover kills his married high school sweetheart after she decided to break up with him

By Mason White 11:23 AM December 21, 2014

By: Feng Qian
A woman is dead after cheating on her husband with her high school sweetheart.

The woman employed her lover as a domestic worker in her home.

However, the affair between 34-year-old Loveness Moyo and her high school sweetheart, ended after the man killed her with an ax and then committed suicide at his home in Mangwe, Zimbabwe.

36-year-old Dereck Ncube also tried to kill 12-year-old Pretty Moyo, who is the niece of his lover, by hitting her with the ax.

Moyo’s 5-year-old daughter ran to call for help after she awoke and saw her dead mother and her unconscious cousin.

Relatives rushed to the home and realized that their niece was still alive. She was rushed to the United Bulawayo Hospital, where she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

Relatives said that Ncube, who was hired to herd cattle by Moyo, was angry after Moyo broke up with him. They said that the two were high school sweethearts, but were separated. They recently rekindled their romance after Moyo married her husband in Botswana.

After killing his lover, Ncube went home and committed suicide. He was discovered hanging from the roof of his home.

Moyo’s sister Ruth, said that she had heard rumors that her sister was having an affair with her domestic worker, but Moyo always denied the allegations.

She said that despite her sister’s denial, the matter was known throughout the community.

Ruth said that she warned her sister about Ncube after he began to behave like the man of the house and ordering Moyo around. May she rest in peace.