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Woman arrested for setting up her own kidnapping and demanding ransom from boyfriend

By Mason White 10:29 AM December 22, 2014

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was terrified after listening to his girlfriend being kidnapped while he was on the phone with her.

Daniel Zwane of South Africa, who is the boyfriend of the 24-year-old woman who claimed to have been kidnapped, said that he was talking to his girlfriend on the phone when he heard men in the background.

“While she was on the phone, I heard two men talking in the background. Then I heard my girlfriend screaming,” he said.

Zwane said that he soon received a call demanding R500 (about $43.00). “They told me I had to pay the money if I wanted to see my girlfriend again,” he said.

Zwane was very scared and reported the incident to the police. Sergeant Styles Maome of the Primrose Police Station, said that police launched an investigation and found that the ransom call was made by the “kidnapped” woman, who was found to be safe and in no danger.

The woman was arrested for faking her own kidnapping and charged with perjury, Maome said.