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Shattering fish tank saves home from fire started by candle

By Mason White 2:46 PM December 23, 2014
The fish tank after the fire 

By: Wayne Morin
A family who forgot to put out a candle before going to sleep, was saved from the fire that it caused after their fish tank shattered.

Mr. and Mrs. Whitehall of Warrington, England, often have candles burning around their home. They said that part of their bedtime routine is to blew out the candles.

However, one night, they accidentally missed one of the candles.

The candle burned down and hot wax dripped onto a plastic garland, which fell onto the floor and started a fire.

Luckily, the heat from the flames shattered the fish tank, sending 100 liters of water onto the floor, putting out most of the fire and waking Steve Whitehall and his wife.

They just needed a bit more water to completely put out the fire. Firefighters were called to make sure that the home was safe.

“We often have candles burning around the house, and we are usually very careful about making sure that they are all out before we go to bed or go out. Unfortunately, we missed one candle last night, and I cannot believe the damage that has been caused from it. Please everyone, take great care of burning candles,” Steve Whitehall said.

The family lost 13 fish in the blaze. Fortunately, two survived in the couple of centimeters of water left in the tank.

“I dread to think what would have happened if the sound of the breaking tank hadn’t woken and alerted us to the fire,” Whitehall added.