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Teacher breaks ruler on 6-year-old student’s head for giving wrong answer to math question

By Mason White 4:28 PM December 24, 2014
Rina Khan 

By: Feng Qian
A teacher was arrested on charges of assault after breaking a ruler on her student’s head for giving a wrong answer to a math question, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

41-year-old Rina Khan of Birmingham, lost her temper and called the 6-year-old student a “Muppet” after getting the answer wrong, a court has heard.

Khan, who teaches at a school located on Milton Road, has denied charges of child cruelty and assault. The incident unfolded while Khan was teaching math along with an assistant in the classroom.

Khan was standing behind the boy’s desk and noticed the student’s incorrect answer. Khan became upset. She then took her plastic ruler and hit the boy on top of the head.

The ruler broke from the impact. The boy told investigators that he felt sad and scared. Khan said that she had not intended to hit him so hard. She also claimed that the boy had poked another student with a pencil.

The principal was notified and police were called.