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TripAdvisor slapped with large fine for having fake reviews on their website

By Mason White 5:03 PM December 24, 2014
TripAdvisor illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A popular travel website received a large fine after investigators found fake reviews on their website.

Autorita Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM) slapped a 500,000 euro ($609,575) fine on TripAdvisor for failing to warn consumers about the fake reviews.

TripAdvisor boasts that their reviews are authentic and the comments are real in order to convince consumers to believe the information written on its website.

However, AGCM investigators uncovered misleading information.

The AGCM had launched an investigation into the company after receiving complaints from consumers and owners of hotels and restaurants, saying that the review system was unfair and unclear because fraudulent comments were not flagged or removed.

The company has 30 days to pay the fine and 90 days to explain to the AGCM how it plans to ensure that future comments will be genuine.