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Woman ordered to pay bullies who egged her home after she chased them away aggressively

By Mason White 11:09 AM December 24, 2014
Zoe Edwards and her home 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman was surprised when she was found guilty of a crime and ordered to pay teenagers who egged her home.

The woman of England, was angry when a group of boys tried to bully her son.

38-year-old Zoe Edwards, who got into her car wearing her pajamas, chased the gang of teens.

Edwards reportedly chased the group of 15 teenagers who egged her house in an attempt to intimidate her son. During the chase, she reportedly fired a BB gun at them.

The Manchester Magistrate’s Court heard that the woman fired the BB gun, which hit one victim on the back and another on his backpack.

Edwards, a mother of two children, was found guilty of using threatening or abusive words and behavior with intent to cause fear and two counts of assault after confronting them and firing the BB gun.

Lee Bonner, Edwards’ lawyer, told the court that he believed the teens should not receive compensation as they egged her home, causing her to react.

“The idea that these teens benefit financially from their own actions is a suggestion I find distasteful,” Bonner said.

However, Judge Mark Hadfield said that Edwards’ actions were not appropriate in the situation.

“Her actions on that night were totally disproportionate to what happened to him,” judge Hadfield said.

Fortunately, no serious injuries were caused to either of the teens.

Edwards was ordered to pay almost $100 to each of the two teens who were hit by the BB gun, and almost $900 in court costs. She was also ordered to perform 150 hours in community service.