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Father of three kids commits suicide after being accused of raping young niece

By Mason White 11:24 AM December 24, 2014
Fence illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A father of three children jumped to his death after being accused of raping his niece.

The man was found hanging from the sharp ends of a steel fence, which surrounds a Hostel in Clermont, KwaDabeka, South Africa.

Residents are asking police to take action and have the fence removed because this is the sixth person who committed suicide by jumping from the sixth floor of the hostel onto the deadly fence.

According to local residents, unemployed, depressed and troubled people commit suicide by jumping onto the spikes of the fence.

A family member said that the man was depressed after receiving death threats from other family members for raping his 9-year-old niece earlier this month.

The man denied the rape accusations, but the family refused to believe that he did not rape his niece.

“Now, we will never know what really happened to the child. The whole family is devastated,” a family member said.

Muziwakhe Makhaye, a spokesperson for the hostel, said that it was sad that the fence, which was meant for protection, became dangerous.

Major Thulani Zwane confirmed that the KwaDabeka Police Station is investigating the incident.