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Inmate who escaped from prison caught after driving drunk with prostitute

By Mason White 3:58 PM December 25, 2014
Brian Bo Larsen 

By: Chan Yuan
A prison inmate drove drunk with a prostitute before being returned to his cell, police in Denmark said.

Odense Police said that they caught 40-year-old Brian Bo Larsen, who escaped from prison 22 times, on Monday morning.

Larsen was arrested on the island of Funen, after suffering from hallucinations and crashing a stolen car. Larsen was traveling in the stolen vehicle and accompanied by the prostitute.

The prostitute, who was not identified, told police that Larsen began to hallucinate before crashing the car through a fence and hitting trees.

Larsen then left the vehicle and began fighting imaginary people. A passerby who witnessed the strange scene, called the police.

When police arrived Larsen was gone, leaving the prostitute behind. Police dogs soon located the inmate. He was wearing a brown wig at the time of his arrest.

Police are preparing to file additional charges against Larsen, and he was sent back to the Vridsloselille Prison, where he is serving a seven year sentence for armed robbery.