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Elderly man kills his neighbor by running him over with car because his dog barked at him

By Mason White 4:19 PM December 25, 2014
Barking dog illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
An elderly man was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly killing his neighbor by running him over with his vehicle, police in Australia said.

Melbourne Police said that 69-year-old Joseph Drago, was charged with murder before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, after being accused of killing 63-year-old Tony Dockerty.

Drago was released from custody on $600,000 bail, and was ordered to house arrest with his wife. He is only allowed to leave his house with his wife to visit his elderly mother or for medical and legal appointments.

The court heard that Drago planned to kill his neighbor after having a dispute over a barking dog.

Investigators said that Drago planned to put a fake animal on the road outside his home so that his neighbor would veer off course and slam into one of the nearby trees.

However, Drago didn’t wait and confronted the victim with his car. Dockerty died after being hit by the car driven by Drago. Surveillance video taken from the scene showed how the two fought before Drago jumped into his car.

Dockerty ran up to Drago’s car and began hitting the passenger window before approaching the driver’s side. He then stood in front of the car.

Drago hit the gas and ran him over. Dockerty died of his injuries.