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Woman beats delivery person with broomstick for arriving with cold pizza

By Mason White 12:08 PM December 26, 2014
Pizza in box illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A restaurant delivery person was beaten with a broomstick after showing up at a home with cold pizza, police in Missouri said.

St. Louis County Police said that they are looking for the suspects behind the beating, and urged the public to come forward with information.

According to the police investigation, on Sunday morning, the delivery driver for Papa John’s, attempted to deliver pizza to a home in the 5300 block of Janet Avenue.

However, residents of the house began arguing with the driver, complaining that the pizza was cold. A woman attacked the driver with a broomstick.

The victim overpowered the woman and hit her back. Moments later, a man appeared at the door of the home with a gun.

The driver fled, stopping the car a few blocks away to call the police. Before the police arrived, the driver saw a silver Pontiac driving and stopping about 50 feet behind him.

He heard one shot, he told police. The driver accelerated again, until he was certain that the Pontiac is not following him. The driver made a u-turn and went after the Pontiac.

When he caught up with the Pontiac, another shot was fired. The driver was not injured.