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Fish store owner arrested for displaying his private parts in display window

By Mason White 9:12 AM December 26, 2014
Fish display illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A store owner in France, was arrested after he displayed more than his merchandise in the display window.

The store owner who was dressed in women’s lingerie, was left with a lot of explaining to do after being arrested for exposing himself to the public through the window of his shop.

According to police, customers got more than they bargained for at a fish store, as fish were not the only things displayed in the window.

Police in the town of Auchel, found the 48-year-old owner jumping around excitedly while wearing a women’s wig and lingerie with fake breasts.

Police determined that the store owner was drunk at the time.

His blood alcohol content level was recorded at 0.1, which is three times the legal limit for driving.

The shopkeeper pleaded guilty to indecent exposure, and explained that he was under a lot of stress stemming from his newly opened fish store.