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Woman goes blind after being stabbed in the eye by friend with stilettos over hairspray

By Mason White 4:45 PM December 28, 2014
Sophie Robinson with Melissa Causer 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman was jailed after she blinded her friend by stomping on her eye with her stilettos.

21-year-old Melissa Causer of Darlington, England, was sentenced to 7 years in prison for stomping on the face of her close friend after hairspray went missing during a night out.

Sophie Robinson, 20, was stabbed with the heels three times and was hit in the face with the stilettos, puncturing his right eye.

Robinson said that the fight began when a can of hairspray, which belonged to Causer, went missing. She accused Robinson of taking the bottle of spray.

Robinson allowed Causer, to go through her purse, but she did not find it. The two left the bar in separate cabs, but headed to the home of Causer to spend the night together.

When they reached their destination, Causer demanded the victim pay her cab fare.

When Robinson did not have enough money for the fare, Causer began beating her and stomped on her face with her shoes, blinding her in the right eye.

“In a split second, she changed from being my best friend to the person who ruined my life,” Robinson said about Causer.

Robinson said that her friend suffers from OCD, which may have caused her to go crazy over a lost can of hairspray. She said that her former friend was drunk at the time, which was also a factor in the case.

Causer was found guilty of intent to cause serious bodily harm, and was sentenced to 7 years in prison.