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Mother breastfeeds her 6-year-old daughter alongside her 18-month-old son

By Mason White 7:00 PM December 28, 2014
Denise with Belle (left) Belle with brother Beau (right) 

By: Chan Yuan
A mother is proud to be breastfeeding two of her children at once.

The kids are not twins or close in age. One is a 6-year-old girl and the other is an 18-month-old boy.

Denise Sumpter, 44, of Islington, London, still nurses her six and a half year old daughter Belle, who is the oldest child known to breastfeed from a mother in the United Kingdom.

Denise said that her daughter is breastfed whenever she feels like it. She will ask to be fed when she is tired, sick or if she just want some bonding time with her mother.

It could go from a couple of times a day, to just once or twice a week.

Belle has the choice to be breastfed by herself or to share her time the with her 18-month-old old brother, named Beau.

Denise insists that she will continue to breastfeed Belle until she decides it’s time to stop. She said that she will do the same with Beau. “I do not think there is anything strange about it,” the mother said.

Belle is a head taller than most of her classmates and rarely gets sick. Her mother believes that it is because of the breast milk.

Denise said that her daughter is clever. She is a talented violinist, singer and dancer, who is the top of her class in most subjects.

Denise has the support of her partner, Jules Deering, 47, a technical director at a university drama department.

“Breastfeeding has not impacted my sex life in any way,” Denise said.