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LG headquarters raided by police after employees destroy Samsung washing machines

By Mason White 4:37 PM December 29, 2014
Samsung washing machines illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
Police in South Korea, raided the offices of electronic giant LG after employees allegedly vandalized Samsung washing machines during a show in Germany.

The fight between the two companies began when Samsung filed a lawsuit against LG, claiming that Jo Seong-jin and other executives deliberately sabotaged washing machines made by Samsung during an electronics show in Berlin.

Investigators seized hard drives and other material from the offices. Earlier this year, Samsung sued LG for property damage and defamation.

The lawsuit named Jo and the other executives of LG Electronics. Meanwhile, LG counter-sued, alleging defamation and evidence tampering.

A travel ban was imposed on the head LG, due to his refusal to assist in the police investigation. Police in Germany, decided not to take any action against LG.

Samsung filed a complaint in Berlin, alleging that LG employees had deliberately damaged the doors of four washing machines with retail prices of about $2,700 each.