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Shoppers seen covered in human waste after septic tank explodes

By Mason White 9:43 AM December 30, 2014
Scene of the incident where a septic tank exploded 

By: Feng Qian
A large group of people who were doing some shopping in a busy market, fled in panic after being sprayed with human waste, police in China said.

Hechi Police said that a truck carrying an overflowing septic tank exploded, and it left shop owners and pedestrians covered in human waste.

A police spokesperson said that no one suffered physical injuries, but many had sought medical care for fear of being exposed to toxic chemicals or diseases.

People at the scene first thought that there had been a collision, but then the terrible smell filled the air and everyone realized that a tank filled with disgusting brown liquid exploded.

Shop owners reported that they suffered thousands of dollars worth in damages as items were covered in human waste. Some shops closed down until a professional company could clean up the mess.

According to the initial investigation, the tank exploded from lack of maintenance and failure to follow proper operational procedures.