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Young mothers caught accepting cash in exchange for breastfeeding adult men

By Mason White 5:13 PM December 30, 2014
Young mothers illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
15 people were arrested on prostitution charges after police busted a bizarre prostitution ring in which young mothers accepted payments from adult men in exchange for breastfeeding them, police in China said.

The Ministry of Public Security announced that the Beijing and Hebei police departments joined forces in busting two gangs involved in the breastfeeding prostitution ring.

Police began their investigation after discovering websites that offered women who breastfeed adults in exchange for cash. More than 200 people paid for the service.

Prices were discussed through instant messaging applications.

The website published photographs of young mothers for its customers. The website charged only 240 yuan ($36) per month, for access to the young mothers.

A 23-year-old mother allegedly offered to have sex for 1,500 yuan ($241) and offered breastfeeding for 1,000 yuan ($161).

Another website offered customers a monthly service that costs 40,000 yuan ($6,450) for breastfeeding and 50,000 yuan ($8,062) for sex plus breastfeeding.