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Woman arrested for throwing box of condoms at her boyfriend

By Mason White 5:18 PM December 30, 2014
Dominique Claridge and William Hessian 

By: Chan Yuan
A Florida woman was arrested after a fight that included a box of condoms.

While most people use condoms for protection, one woman used them as a weapon.

Sheriff’s deputies in Manatee County, were called after the 19-year-old couple got into a physical argument.

Police arrested Dominique Claridge and her boyfriend William Hessian, for domestic battery. Claridge was accused of injuring her live-in boyfriend by throwing the box of condoms at his head, according to the incident report.

The teenagers had lived together for the past year, but had a fight when Claridge accused Hessian of talking to another woman, deputies said.

The argument took place while the couple was driving in a car near their residence in Bradenton.

During the argument, Claridge threw the box of condoms at Hessian, and it hit him in the left eye, causing bruises, according to police.

Hessian also told police that his girlfriend hit his body several times with her fist. According to police, Claridge admitted to throwing the condoms, but denied punching her boyfriend.

She said that she was provoked after Hessian hit her.

Deputies noted that both suspects had evidence of injuries and therefore, both were arrested. The couple was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.