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Teenager dies after bullying prank went wrong while teacher sat idly by

By Mason White 4:21 PM December 30, 2014
Sergei Casper in plastic wrap 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A teenager in Russia, was killed in front of his teacher and classmates while being bullied.

Police were called to investigate the circumstances of the students death, which occurred during a prank.

The cruel bullying prank was recorded on video and uploaded to the Internet. The video showed students wrapping 17-year-old Sergei Casper in plastic wrap.

Some classmates said that Casper had been a happy boy until some students began to bully him.

On the day of the incident, Casper of Moscow, was the subject of a cruel prank that involved wrapping him in plastic wrap so that he could not move his arms and legs. He was then placed inside the toilet, feet in first.

The students were mocking him as they brought him back to his classroom, where his teacher was sitting.

Still unable to move, Casper lost his balance and fell into the teacher’s desk, hitting his throat.

Casper fell to the ground as his classmates were laughing in the background. When they realized that he was seriously wounded, an ambulance was called. Casper was transported to a hospital in critical condition, where he died.

The school denied being aware of the bullying. They said that the boys involved in the incident have been expelled from the school.

Casper’s parents are demanding to know why the teacher, who was in the classroom and witnessed the cruelty, did nothing to stop the bullying.
Police are continuing their investigation.