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Teen destroys mother’s house because she woke him up in the morning

By Mason White 5:30 PM December 31, 2014
Broken walls illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A teen was arrested on charges of after destroying his mother’s house because she woke him up in the morning, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

Police in Devon, were called to the mother’s home and Tasered the drunk teenager who refused to get up from bed and go to work.

According to the police investigation, 19-year-old Jordan Brice was out overnight, drinking beer and shots of vodka before going home.

Brice knocked on the door, and his mother, Joanne Summerhayes, let him in and told him to sleep for an hour before getting up for work.

After an hour, Summerhayes tried to wake up her son but he refused to get up. When his mother insisted, he began to verbally abused her before going to the bathroom and breaking glass.

Brice then started shouting, swearing and throwing items, damaging walls and the stairs. Summerhayes feared for her life and called police.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, Tasered the teen before he was arrested.

According to investigators, Brice kicked in walls, broke a mirror in the bathroom, broke a glass vase and damaged a sink worth $3,000.

During questioning, the teen offered to pay for repairs. Brice pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage. He was sentenced to 12 months probation, and was ordered to pay 65 pounds ($101) in court costs.